Our Values

The Integrity Group’s Fundamental Values

Our team is different than most management consulting firms. We value long-term relationships to work with clients to not only resolve problems, but also anticipate and avoid future financial, operational, and compliance concerns. Our team does not just complete and submit federal or state grant applications or other forms—that’s just being part of the bureaucracies. We operate in a much more meaningful and rewarding manner, as a true partner with reliable skills that our clients need. As a key differentiator, our team is built upon, serves within, and is required to constantly display our six fundamental values. These are:


We are The Integrity Group. Everything we do, every relationship we foster, begins, and endures with Integrity. This value must always be viewed by the leadership and staff of our clients; the Federal and State agencies that we work with on our clients’ behalf; and all that we encounter in our pursuit of excellence.


Our team of proven professionals focuses on top quality work products in all that we do and we operate a complete quality assurance protocol to validate and demonstrate this result. The consistent team presence of our experts is far better than the often-changing staff assignments of firms seeking short-term business rewards. Compliance assurance is a major goal in the delivery of quality work and the avoidance of any claw-backs or loss of funding.


We provide “one-stop” for all aspects of grant pursuit and management for optimum funding; organizational improvement; and the full range of compliance assurance, including performance and financial assessments. We focus on collaboration and true partnerships with our clients, affiliated governmental entities, non-profits, business community and residents. This linkage is critical to maximum success.


To help effectively resolve and prevent problems for our clients, we explore innovative solutions and approaches that optimize results. While compliance is always critical, there is always room for meaningful strategies that may not be codified in program manuals.


Our goal is not only to provide the highest quality of work, but also to do that in a manner which is cost-effective. Not only are our hourly rates competitive, our “just in time” deployment model certainly helps to contain client costs. Our work often requires specialized expertise when needed, and in some cases, that expertise is needed for a short-term deployment at various steps through the process.


Effective and ongoing communication with our clients is vital to success. As “staff augmentation” to our clients, we work under their direction regarding content, frequency, and methods of communication. Communication means full understanding, correct approaches and never any surprises to those we serve.